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Why don’t you go and eat some worms?

July 27, 2009

No, seriously. LC has an authorized heading for:

Cookery (Earthworms)

That’s not the only unusual thing on the menu though – try some of these delicacies:

Cookery (Moose)
Cookery (Whale meat)
which goes along with Cookery (Horsemeat)

I suppose I should be comforted that should I want to prepare a meal using ingredients which, at least in Australia, are quite unusual, there are books (or in the case of Earthworms, a single book) out there.

And now onto something different then normal; the very topical issue of Parallel importation of books (which goes in hand with the abolition of territorial copyright). Until this weekend I had been in favour of the move – cheaper books and a greater range of product seemed great. I was aware of the impact on publishers and authors, but I still supported it.

While in Sydney over the weekend for my sister’s 21st, my parents and I were chatting to a music producer my sister knows. He told me about a few years ago when parallel importation for CDs was introduced. The “for” argument was the same – more range at cheaper prices. But even though record stores started importing CDs from Asia for $1.50 (as opposed to buying them within the country for $15), their prices stayed the same. I am fully convinced that corporate greed will see the same thing happen with books, with our industry suffering because of it. So I have revised my position.

Now I’ll finish up with some naked clergymen:

Catholic Church–Clergy–Deprivation of the clerical garb

It makes me think that they strip off the clergymen who misbehave and throw them all together into a special room in the Vatican basement. And I don’t even like male slash.



June 29, 2009

I know it’s been an absolute age since I last posted – but I’ve been very busy with my burlesque rehearsals! Rest assured that I have been compiling an uber list of headings to blog about once my show is over.

For today though, I need your assistance. I’m cataloguing a book called “The Barbarian Librarian”. Now, it’s not about a mean or even a clumsy librarian. It’s about a barbarian who is a librarian (the cover image even shows him in all his shirtless sword-wielding glory). And it’s a kid’s book!

Anyway, there are all sorts of NT for Librarian:

Academic librarians
Acquisitions librarians
Adult services librarians
Bisexual librarians
Children’s librarians
Christian librarians
Gay librarians
Jewish librarians
Librarians with disabilities
Map librarians
Minority librarians
National librarians
Packhorse librarians
Part-time librarians
Public librarians
Reference librarians
School librarians
Serials librarians
Special librarians
Systems librarians
Transgender librarians
Transsexual librarians
Women librarians
Young adult services librarians

I initially thought that Minority librarians might be a good fit – surely there can’t be that many Barbarian librarians out there!

I thought that though Packhorse librarians isn’t technically correct, it’d be fitting – as anyone who has ever played D&D knows, barbarians are great at hitting stuff, so surely they must be strong too.

Please let me know what you think though – it’s not as if I can use Librarians–Barbaric aspects

Aside from that I find it kind of cool that I fit into 5 of the subcategories of Librarian. Though I pity whoever has to catalogue my biography!
Until next time, keep Dewey in your arms and LCSH in your heart.

Reasons you shouldn’t use on conference applications

June 15, 2009

I’ve spent the afternoon working on why I’d be a great pick for a conference coming up. Yet these little irreverent thoughts keep popping up – they’re the kind of reasons that probably get you picked last, even if they’re true.

1. I love the city the conference is in and want to go back there and see more.

2. I have heard about the “legendary” Darwin library techs, and want to get drunk with them.

3. I want to meet a hot, young, eligible librarian for some private “networking”, complete with DDC pillow talk.

4. I’m writing a book on the secret lives of librarians…

5. It’s been a good long time since I embarrassed myself.

6. I want the chance to party with librarians my own age (because the only place enough of us congregate is at conferences).

7. Two words: Barossa Valley.

8.  I want to go back to that great dessert cafe..

9. I’m hoping to immortalize myself in the library community by performing an impromptu burlesque show at the closing dinner, complete with tassel twirling.

10. I’ll get all that technology stuff better than the old fuddy duddies back at work.

Hair – an important part of our folklore?

June 1, 2009

Today’s Subject Heading of the day was suggested to me by the lovely L., one of my coworkers. I’ve been a bit distracted today, and despite the moving strains of the “Forrest Gump Suite” on my iPod, I’ve managed to drag myself out of my melancholy long enough to post.

So, what is this thing which is of great cultural significance to mankind.

Beards. Or more specifically:


Yes, I do realize that Folklore is a free-floating subdivision, but it actually appears with Beards in the Classification Web heading, not just in the subdivision search. It’s a good thing it’s free-floating though – because if Beards are that essential to folklore, where would we be without Mustaches – surely they have had as many personalities and styles through the ages (and who could forget the handlebar, or the Hitler mo’?)

And for those of you who got a bit of a thrill last Movember when you saw your favourite local hottie with a bit of facial fluff for a good cause, perhaps you should check out Hair–Erotic aspects on your local library catalogue.

Unfortunately, for those looking for more specialized information on keeping things pruned, there’s no narrower terms for Body hair, but you may want to try Hair–Removal instead.

Also, I’m not sure what Guard hair is but I’m probably not right to think it’s the LC approved term for “Helmet hair”. It would be a good one though.

Burn baby burn

May 29, 2009

I don’t go looking for Subject Headings of the day, I let them come to me. Today’s is bizarre, but probably not as bizarre as if there was a heading for CPU Cookery (there may well be, I’m not sure). Lets get down to business.

Solar Cookery
UF Solar Cooking

And yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. According to the subject authority, the McGraw-Hill dictionary of science and technology defines Solar cooking as “the preparation of food by concentrating solar radiation on a heater plate”.

Sounds appetizing. I’m guessing it’s just a bunch of degrees difference between solar cookery and food rotting in the sun?

When in prehistory, do as the prehistoric peoples..

May 28, 2009

Prehistoric toilet paraphernalia
USE Toilet paraphernalia, Prehistoric

There are really no words… I mean it’s not an unreasonable heading, but still a funny one!

Subject Heading of the day – Lesbian Vampires

May 27, 2009

Just a little tidbit I found which many of you are probably already aware of.

Lesbian Vampires

I haven’t seen “Lesbian Vampire Killers” but I do remember debate among my friends as to whether the movie was about lesbians killing vampires, lesbian vampires killing people, or people killing lesbian vampires. I was more than a little upset to learn it was the latter of these – mostly because it encourages homophobia, but also because the first two options are HOT!

Also, as you may have heard, Proposition 8 has been upheld in California. I think it’s good for the married couples who get to stay married, but the fact that they haven’t either said it’s acceptable or unacceptable (owing to the fact that the people who were married while gay marriage was allowed are still allowed to be considered married) is frustrating. It’s like “well we have to be politically correct because if we condemn it those dykes with their big teeth and unshaved armpits will come and suck our bloo–oh wait. Whoops. But still, we have to go with the conservative majority even if morally it’s wrong.”

Anyway I’ll step away from the politics because clearly I’m not an expert.

My bosses husband has predicted the number of swine flu cases in Australia will triple every three days. I’ll be interested to see if that’s the case, also to see if I end up getting sick. Maybe I should discourage my dad from visiting this weekend?