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Subject Heading of the day – Lesbian Vampires

May 27, 2009

Just a little tidbit I found which many of you are probably already aware of.

Lesbian Vampires

I haven’t seen “Lesbian Vampire Killers” but I do remember debate among my friends as to whether the movie was about lesbians killing vampires, lesbian vampires killing people, or people killing lesbian vampires. I was more than a little upset to learn it was the latter of these – mostly because it encourages homophobia, but also because the first two options are HOT!

Also, as you may have heard, Proposition 8 has been upheld in California. I think it’s good for the married couples who get to stay married, but the fact that they haven’t either said it’s acceptable or unacceptable (owing to the fact that the people who were married while gay marriage was allowed are still allowed to be considered married) is frustrating. It’s like “well we have to be politically correct because if we condemn it those dykes with their big teeth and unshaved armpits will come and suck our bloo–oh wait. Whoops. But still, we have to go with the conservative majority even if morally it’s wrong.”

Anyway I’ll step away from the politics because clearly I’m not an expert.

My bosses husband has predicted the number of swine flu cases in Australia will triple every three days. I’ll be interested to see if that’s the case, also to see if I end up getting sick. Maybe I should discourage my dad from visiting this weekend?

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