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Hair – an important part of our folklore?

June 1, 2009

Today’s Subject Heading of the day was suggested to me by the lovely L., one of my coworkers. I’ve been a bit distracted today, and despite the moving strains of the “Forrest Gump Suite” on my iPod, I’ve managed to drag myself out of my melancholy long enough to post.

So, what is this thing which is of great cultural significance to mankind.

Beards. Or more specifically:


Yes, I do realize that Folklore is a free-floating subdivision, but it actually appears with Beards in the Classification Web heading, not just in the subdivision search. It’s a good thing it’s free-floating though – because if Beards are that essential to folklore, where would we be without Mustaches – surely they have had as many personalities and styles through the ages (and who could forget the handlebar, or the Hitler mo’?)

And for those of you who got a bit of a thrill last Movember when you saw your favourite local hottie with a bit of facial fluff for a good cause, perhaps you should check out Hair–Erotic aspects on your local library catalogue.

Unfortunately, for those looking for more specialized information on keeping things pruned, there’s no narrower terms for Body hair, but you may want to try Hair–Removal instead.

Also, I’m not sure what Guard hair is but I’m probably not right to think it’s the LC approved term for “Helmet hair”. It would be a good one though.

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