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Reasons you shouldn’t use on conference applications

June 15, 2009

I’ve spent the afternoon working on why I’d be a great pick for a conference coming up. Yet these little irreverent thoughts keep popping up – they’re the kind of reasons that probably get you picked last, even if they’re true.

1. I love the city the conference is in and want to go back there and see more.

2. I have heard about the “legendary” Darwin library techs, and want to get drunk with them.

3. I want to meet a hot, young, eligible librarian for some private “networking”, complete with DDC pillow talk.

4. I’m writing a book on the secret lives of librarians…

5. It’s been a good long time since I embarrassed myself.

6. I want the chance to party with librarians my own age (because the only place enough of us congregate is at conferences).

7. Two words: Barossa Valley.

8.  I want to go back to that great dessert cafe..

9. I’m hoping to immortalize myself in the library community by performing an impromptu burlesque show at the closing dinner, complete with tassel twirling.

10. I’ll get all that technology stuff better than the old fuddy duddies back at work.

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