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June 29, 2009

I know it’s been an absolute age since I last posted – but I’ve been very busy with my burlesque rehearsals! Rest assured that I have been compiling an uber list of headings to blog about once my show is over.

For today though, I need your assistance. I’m cataloguing a book called “The Barbarian Librarian”. Now, it’s not about a mean or even a clumsy librarian. It’s about a barbarian who is a librarian (the cover image even shows him in all his shirtless sword-wielding glory). And it’s a kid’s book!

Anyway, there are all sorts of NT for Librarian:

Academic librarians
Acquisitions librarians
Adult services librarians
Bisexual librarians
Children’s librarians
Christian librarians
Gay librarians
Jewish librarians
Librarians with disabilities
Map librarians
Minority librarians
National librarians
Packhorse librarians
Part-time librarians
Public librarians
Reference librarians
School librarians
Serials librarians
Special librarians
Systems librarians
Transgender librarians
Transsexual librarians
Women librarians
Young adult services librarians

I initially thought that Minority librarians might be a good fit – surely there can’t be that many Barbarian librarians out there!

I thought that though Packhorse librarians isn’t technically correct, it’d be fitting – as anyone who has ever played D&D knows, barbarians are great at hitting stuff, so surely they must be strong too.

Please let me know what you think though – it’s not as if I can use Librarians–Barbaric aspects

Aside from that I find it kind of cool that I fit into 5 of the subcategories of Librarian. Though I pity whoever has to catalogue my biography!
Until next time, keep Dewey in your arms and LCSH in your heart.

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