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Why don’t you go and eat some worms?

July 27, 2009

No, seriously. LC has an authorized heading for:

Cookery (Earthworms)

That’s not the only unusual thing on the menu though – try some of these delicacies:

Cookery (Moose)
Cookery (Whale meat)
which goes along with Cookery (Horsemeat)

I suppose I should be comforted that should I want to prepare a meal using ingredients which, at least in Australia, are quite unusual, there are books (or in the case of Earthworms, a single book) out there.

And now onto something different then normal; the very topical issue of Parallel importation of books (which goes in hand with the abolition of territorial copyright). Until this weekend I had been in favour of the move – cheaper books and a greater range of product seemed great. I was aware of the impact on publishers and authors, but I still supported it.

While in Sydney over the weekend for my sister’s 21st, my parents and I were chatting to a music producer my sister knows. He told me about a few years ago when parallel importation for CDs was introduced. The “for” argument was the same – more range at cheaper prices. But even though record stores started importing CDs from Asia for $1.50 (as opposed to buying them within the country for $15), their prices stayed the same. I am fully convinced that corporate greed will see the same thing happen with books, with our industry suffering because of it. So I have revised my position.

Now I’ll finish up with some naked clergymen:

Catholic Church–Clergy–Deprivation of the clerical garb

It makes me think that they strip off the clergymen who misbehave and throw them all together into a special room in the Vatican basement. And I don’t even like male slash.

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